Searching E-cigarette Reviews

Rapidly gaining popularity among smokers, electronic cigarettes may be a less harmful alternative to traditional cigarettes, cigars and tobacco pipes. Much like regular cigarettes, they deliver nicotine to the smoker and produce puffs of “smoke” while supplying the satisfaction of holding the cigarette between the fingers and drawing from the filter.

E-cigarettes are composed of a rechargeable lithium battery, a vaporization chamber and a nicotine cartridge. The vaporization chamber houses electronic controls and an atomizer, similar to the type of equipment used in breathing treatments. Once the e-cigarette is assembled, the smoker inhales from the faux filter. This, in turn, sends the atomizer into action. It heats the liquid nicotine contained in the cartridge. The liquid is converted to a mist for the smoker to inhale and a puff of steam, rather than actual smoke, is created.

In contrast to traditional cigarettes, no tobacco is used, no ashes are produced and no destructive second-hand smoke is actually given off. While e-cigs do not produce smoke and fumes that could be harmful or offensive to others, they still pose potential health risks to the user.

Cartridges for e-cigarettes are available in a wide variety of nicotine levels or with no nicotine whatsoever. They can also be found in various flavors such as plain, cherry, apple, chocolate and menthol. The array of flavor and nicotine content combinations makes e-cigarettes suitable to the preferences of almost any smoker.

Due to the flexible nicotine cartridge availability, e-cigarettes may be a good option for those hoping to quit smoking. The smoker can start off with the amount of nicotine craved and gradually step down in decreasing increments when he or she is ready to do so. For smokers who need to continue going through the motions of smoking, nicotine free cartridges provide what they need as well.

When thinking of switching from traditional to electronic cigarettes, smokers should peruse plenty of electronic cigarettes reviews before making a final decision. The best electronic cigarette reviews appear on websites biased neither for nor against e-cigs. Many reviews from actual e-cigarette users display glowing approval of them.

Though there are a number of brands and styles available, the best e-cigarette for each smoker would depend solely on the smoker’s own taste in cigarettes. Smokers should thoroughly research both the benefits and the potential health risks associated with electronic cigarettes before making the switch from traditional cigarettes. According to most sources, though, e-cigs are a healthier choice than the various forms of smoking tobacco.


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